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Letters are platform-generated emails that let you communicate with your users. Ad-hoc letters let you manually send an existing, or custom, letter to users - whenever you need to. For example, you can send an ad hoc letter to remind one or more users to complete their enrollment in an activity.

This article walks you sending an ad-hoc letter from a user list in the platform.

Send an Ad Hoc Letter

Ad hoc letters can be sent from the Users list or the Enrollments page of activities.

To send an ad hoc letter:

  1. Select the users to whom you want to send the ad hoc letter.
  2. Once selected, use the More dropdown menu and select Letter.

The Generate Ad Hoc Letters window opens. You can choose to send an existing, template letter or create a custom letter:


send a message using existing Letter templates in your account.


create an on-the-fly letter from scratch. You'll see the same letter fields available for creation of your custom letter

  • Subject: enter the Subject line for the email. Allows Dynamic Variables
  • Body: add the body of the letter. Click Use HTML Editor (if enabled) to switch from a plain text editor to an HTML editor. Also allows Dynamic Variables

Regardless of the type of ad hoc letter you create, you have two options when you're ad hoc letter is ready to be sent:

Send bulk email: sends the letter via email to your selected user(s)

Create PDF: generates a PDF of the letter for your use.

Both methods of sending a letter can be tracked on the System Log page, including a link to download the PDF file if you chose to create a PDF.

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