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Letters are platform-generated emails that help you communicate with your learners. Letters can be customized for a variety of uses, and offer flexible options for delivery. Letter can help you:

  • notify learners that they’re enrolled in an activity
  • notify learners that they have a due date is approaching
  • keep managers updated on team member progress
  • communicate updates about activities or events

Letters are most powerful when combined with Letter Triggers. Letter triggers tell the platform to automatically send emails based on a learners actions. But, before you add a letter trigger, you need to create letter templates.

This article provides examples for communicating with letters and gives an overview of the ways letters are sent in the platform.

Communicating with Letters

Here are a few examples of when you’d send learners a letter:

  • When they’ve enrolled in a course, or they’ve been enrolled in a course by someone else. This is a great time to send a “Welcome to the course!” letter.

  • When an activity is due soon; this is a good time to send a letter that says, “Don’t forget to complete this course before the deadline!”

  • When a user has completed a course. The letter could say, “Congratulations on passing the class!” or “We’re sorry that you failed the course,” depending on the scenario.

  • When a user registers for a scheduled event. The letter could say, “Thanks for registering! We’re looking forward to seeing you at the event!”

  • When a user has failed to show up to a scheduled event. The letter could say, “We missed you at this class!” or “Please register for another event,” depending on your policy.

These are only a few examples, letters are a flexible communication tool designed to help you easily communicate with learners via email. Letters offer flexible options for personalization and customization to your audience.

Sending Letters

There are two ways to send an email message in the platform:

Ad-Hoc Letters (Manual)

Need to send an email to a specific user or group of users? You can do that from any user list in the platform. Select the user(s) you’d like to send a letter to and use the drop-down to select Letter.

You’ll be presented with two options: Template or Custom. If you’ve already created a letter template, you can select it from the list; or, you can create a custom letter.

Letter Triggers

Within each Activity’s Properties, there are options to trigger a letter. The system will send a letter when certain things happen with the activity: a user enrolls in the course, a user passes the course, etc.

Visit the Advanced section of an activity's Properties to set up Letter Triggers.

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