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For security and efficiency, the Intellum platform gives unrestricted admin the ability to create, and delete as needed, multiple OAuth Apps for use with API projects.

This article provides an overview of accessing your account's OAuth Apps, creating a new OAuth App, accessing and editing existing OAuth Apps, and removing OAuth Apps.

Things to note:

  • Create at least one OAuth App to authorize with Intellum's API v3
  • Each Oath App has a unique ID and public/private API key pair for authorization requests
  • OAuth Apps can be created with different scopes and deleted to remove authorization access.

Access OAuth Apps

Follow these steps to access the OAuth App setup in your account:

  1. Select Settings from the expanded navigation menu in admin view.
  2. Select the API tab.
  3. Select API Version 3 to view the OAuth Apps section.

Existing OAuth Apps are reflected in this section. Any existing app is accessible for review via its linked name and provides information as to who created it, when it was created, and its authorization scopes.

Create a new OAuth App

Follow these steps to create a new OAuth App for authorization requests:

  1. From the OAuth Apps section, select + Create OAuth App.
  2. Give the app a Name and define its authorization Scopes. Apps can be authorized to read, write, or both.
  3. Click Save.

After saving, you are taken to the edit page for the newly created app.

Edit an OAuth App

There may be times you need to edit an existing OAuth App for review, testing, or troubleshooting.

Follow these steps to access and edit an existing app:

  1. Navigate to the OAuth Apps section in account Settings.
  2. Select the linked name of the existing OAuth App to edit the app.

From the Edit OAuth App page you can:

  1. Confirm or edit the Name used to create the app.
  2. Confirm or update the authorization Scopes of the app.
  3. Generate a Public/Private Key Pair for JSON Web Tokens (JWTs) for OAuth token requests. Key pairs can be regenerated as needed. Public keys are made available as a file download if needed.
  4. Review and/or copy the app's UID for authorization endpoints.
  5. Review Tokens related to the app.
  6. Create a test token to test API access before implementing full authorization.
  7. Troubleshoot Authorization to generate valid JWTs if/when previously generated JWTs present issues.

To return to the OAuth Apps section, select the API settings link at the top of the page.

Delete an OAuth App

Follow these steps to delete an OAuth App from your account:

  1. Navigate to the OAuth Apps section within the API Version 3 tab in account Settings.
  2. Locate the app that should be deleted.
  3. Select the trash can icon for the appropriate app.
  4. The platform will ask you to confirm the removal of the app.

Deleting an existing OAuth App revokes its access immediately.

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