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Versioning enables a workflow to help your team manage content throughout its entire lifecycle. From creation, to review, through edits, updates, and approvals - all the way to publication, and beyond.

This article introduces you to the platform interface elements and components that support the versioning workflow in the Intellum platform.

Admin Interface

The Content list

Your Content list reflects the current versioned state of each activity in your catalog, showing you the date of the activity was last published alongside any associated review state with date.

Heads up!

Opening an activity from the Content list opens the published version of that activity, if available. Activities that are not yet published, or still in a review state, open to the draft.

Versioning workflow header

You manage all versioning functions through a header menu accessible across each activity page in admin view. Here's an example of the header for a new activity, still in a draft state:

1.) Locales

The locale dropdown lets you create and manage language-specific versions of an activity. Create a new language version (based on the locales enabled for your account), or switch to an existing language version for content development and management. Language-specific versions can be managed and published individually or bulk published alongside the parent activity.

2.) Versioning State

Activities can be in one of three versioning states: Draft, Published, or Archived. The versioning state also tells you if the activity is locked to edits and provides a date and time for when the last update was made.

3.) Draft Options

Draft is the default state for editing and updating activity content and properties and offers options to move the activity forward in your workflow: Submit for Review, Approve, or Publish. Each option puts the activity in a locked state for staging, approval, and delivery.

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