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With versioning enabled, the Scheduled Activity property can only be enabled at activity creation. There is no option to convert an existing activity to a Scheduled activity.

This article provides details on the creation of scheduled activities and events in an account with versioning enabled.

If you plan to connect events to an activity, ensure that you enable the Scheduled Activity property when the activity is created.

Heads Up!

Scheduled activities do not offer a Launch as Learner link in accounts with versioning enabled. Switch to leaner view to find and access the published scheduled activity if you need to preview its content.


You can only connect events to a published scheduled activity. You can create or manage events from the Events tab within the activity or via the Events list.

Create an event from the Events tab

After publishing a scheduled activity, follow these steps to add a new event:

  1. Select the Events tab available on the published version of an activity.
  2. Click New Event.

Create an event from the Events list

When creating new events via the Events list, you will find that only scheduled activities with a published version are available for event assignment.

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