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Archive a published version of an activity to lock it and make the live activity inactive.

This article provides an overview of working with archived versions of an activity.

Archive a published version

When you Archive a published version, users don't have access to the activity until it's published again - or until an archived version is restored.

Heads up!

While you can't archive a draft, you can make a draft inactive via Status in the activity's General Properties. Making a draft inactive will automatically archive the current published version of the activity.

When you Archive:

  • The published version is made inactive and unavailable to users
  • Anywhere the archived version shows, it reflects an archived state

Review archived versions

Use the Archived Versions link in the version header to revisit and review previously archived versions of an activity. Click on the linked version number to open a specific archived version of an activity.

Restore an archived version

You can restore any archived version of an activity to once again publish that specific version and make it live for users. Click Restore to get started.

The platform prompts you to confirm each restore of an archived version - as seen below.

Click Restore Content to proceed.

When you Restore:

  • The current draft course is made active

  • The Restored activity is made active and goes live for users

  • If you are restoring a previously archived version, any published version will be automatically archived

Click Exit Archive to be returned to the active draft or most recently published version of an activity, if available.

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