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Publish an activity when you're ready for it to go live for learners. Publishing creates a locked version of the activity that can only be archived.

This article provides an overview of working with published versions of an activity.

Publish an activity

Use the draft state dropdown  to find the option to Publish your activity. When you're ready for you content to go live, click Publish.

You'll be asked to confirm the action - as seen below:

After confirming, the system goes to work publishing the content. The platform notifies you when the content has been successfully published.

To make changes to a published activity, click Edit to access the draft, make your changes, and publish again.

Each time you edit the draft of an activity and publish, you create a new published version of that activity and that new version is made live. Each new published version is given an incremental version number. When a new version is published, the previous version is automatically archived.

Heads up!

The published, or live, version is always indicated with a green dot.

When you Publish:

  • The activity is made available to users based on its assigned Properties
  • Any content and/or properties changes take effect
  • The last published version is automatically Archived

Heads Up!

If it looks like a change you've made has not taken effect on the live activity, follow up to ensure that the updated activity was successfully published.

Archive a published activity

Archive a published version of an activity to make it inactive. Find the Archive option in the options dropdown of published activities.

When you Archive a published version, users won't have access to the activity until a new draft is published - or the archived version is restored.

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