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Unrestricted admin have all necessary permissions to move an activity through each state of the versioning workflow - from Draft to Publish.

This article provides an overview of Restricted admin permissions that can be enabled to support your versioning workflow.

Restricted admin permissions

Restricted admin with permissions to create and edit content can:

  • Create and edit drafts
  • Submit drafts for review
  • Approve drafts for staging

Enable the Content Publishing permission

Restricted admin can also be granted permissions to publish content by enabling the Content Publishing permission in the Restricted Admin Permissions section of their user profile.

Follow these steps to give a Restricted Admin the ability to Publish content:

Follow these steps to enable the Content Publishing permission for a Restricted Admin user.
  1. Navigate to Users in the Admin nav panel.
  2. Select the Restricted admin in your Users list and click Edit.
  3. Navigate to the user's Properties.
  4. Scroll to find the Restricted Admin Permissions section.
  5. Locate the Content Publishing permission and select On.
  6. Click Save Changes.

Learn more about Restricted Admin Permissions:

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