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Our Zoom integration lets you create Zoom webinars as events in the platform. Once connected, the integration also gives you the option to embed a Zoom webinar in a scheduled activity page - giving your learners the ability to participate in the webinar without having to launch the Zoom application.

This article walks you through creating a Zoom event with an embedded webinar and follows up with information on the learner experience.

Things to Note:

  • The Zoom integration must be set up for your Intellum account
  • Zoom webinar embeds are compatible with events with a single date
  • Zoom webinar embeds may require some users to complete CAPTCHA

Learn more about our Zoom integration:

Embedding a Zoom Webinar

Follow these steps to add a Zoom webinar embed to an event:

  1. Create a new event connected to a new or existing scheduled activity.
  2. Fill in event details - the event's name, start time, and end time (based on the duration you set) will be used to create your Zoom webinar.
  3. Select Zoom as the event Type.
  4. Check the Zoom Embed property for the event.
  5. The platform notifies you that enabling a Zoom webinar embed will automatically disable registration for the webinar - click Continue.

    6. Add further information and click Save to create the Zoom webinar event.

Zoom Webinar Embed | Learner Experience

With the Embed property enabled and your event set up, learners enrolled in the event will see the Zoom webinar at the top of the activity page. The embed prompts them to load the webinar.

Heads Up!

Zoom webinar embeds may require some users to complete CAPTCHA. If you set a password for a webinar in your Zoom settings, users will be prompted to enter the required password to join.

1.) Webinar Audio

Learners are prompted join the Zoom audio conference based on the options enabled for the webinar.

2.) Webinar Interactions

Once loaded, leaners can interact with the interaction tools you've enabled for a webinar - exactly as if they had launched the Zoom app.

3.) Webinar View

Learners can toggle between the embed view or a full screen view of the Zoom webinar.

4.) Leave Webinar

Learners can leave the webinar at any point and when the webinar concludes; doing so ends the Zoom embed stream in the activity page.

If the activity page is requires refresh at any point, learners will be prompted to load the webinar again, and may have to complete CAPTCHA to rejoin.

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