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Home Layout Settings help you build custom homepages using featured content sections for each Organization in your account - as well as the Locales within an organization. Home Sections properties let you customize each content section included on a homepage by tailoring things like:

  • the Section Name and if it is displayed on the homepage
  • the Section Description - if needed
  • the Layout, or number of items included in the homepage section
  • the Overflow, or how additional content fits into the homepage section
  • which Groups can see the section
  • the type of user that can see the section

This article walks you through accessing Home Section properties, gives an overview of all Home Section properties - as available across content sections - and provides visual examples of the properties affect on a content section.

Heads Up!

Custom Banner Sections, Live & Upcoming Sections, and Followed Topic Sections feature variations of the properties based on the nature of the content included in each section.

Overview | Home Section Properties

Section Name

  • Assign a custom name to a section as it should appear to learners on the homepage - or choose to hide the section name entirely

Section Description

  • Introduce or summarize the content included in a section


  • Control the number of items featured in a section on the homepage and how those items are listed:
    • 4 x Row
    • 3 x Row
    • 2 x Row
    • 1 x Row
    • List View
    • Tabloid


  • Control how additional content will be displayed in the section and made accessible to learners:
    • Scroll
    • Stack

Max Items

  • Control how many items will be included in the section. You can include up to 12 items in any section.

Activities Shown to Learners

  • Restrict the items included in the using a learner's current enrollment status:
    • Show all activities
    • Show only enrolled activities
    • Show only recommended activities
    • Show only required activities

Group Restrictions

  • Restrict the visibility of the homepage section to specific groups of learners. Select an active Group from the dropdown and click Add. Use the X icon to remove a current restriction.

Authentication Restrictions

Restricts the visibility of the homepage section by user type:

  • Hidden

    • Section is not visible to any user
  • Show to all users

    • Section is visible to logged-in users and anonymous users
  • Show to authenticated users

    • Section is only visible to logged-in users
  • Show to public users

    • Section is only visible to anonymous users

Heads up!

If you have not enabled a public catalog, you will not see the Show to public users option for authentication restriction. Reach out to your Customer Success Manager or an Intellum representative for more info.

Use the = icon to reorder hero images, click the gear icon to edit hero image properties, or click the X icon to remove a hero images - as highlighted below.

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