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When you create a new Assessment, you are taken to the Questions tab to begin adding assessment questions. Admin can create, edit, and manage assessment questions and question sections through the Questions tab.

This article shows you how to add a new question to an assessment, introduces the question types available in the platform, and gives an overview of question Properties and managing questions.

Add an Assessment Question

Navigate to the Questions tab of a new, or existing, assessment. Click New Question to add questions to your assessment.

To continue adding questions click Save & Add Another Question.

To finish adding questions, click Save & Return to Question Section.

Question Types

The full list of 11 standard assessment questions in the platform is broken down here by scored and unscored question types. Assessments can include both scored and unscored questions.

Scored Question Types

  • Multiple Choice
  • Multiple Choice (Single Answer)
  • True/False
  • Sequence
  • Matching

Unscored Question Types

  • Grid
  • Grid (Column Values):
  • Rank
  • Text (Short)
  • Text (Long)
  • Upload

Learn more about each Question Type:

Question Properties

Regardless of the question type selected, most question types share the following property fields:


  • Define or edit the question type


  • Define or edit the number of points awarded for correct answers, 0-10

Heads Up!

Some question types do not include the Points property. Grid and Rank question types do not have a Points property, as they cannot count toward an assessment's score.


  • Add or edit the question or prompt that is presented to the learner

Document, Image or Video

  • Upload a file resource to supports the assessment question.

Other common properties that appear after the answer options on some question types can include:

  • Alphabetize choices on save - if answer options are entered for a question type, the system will alphabetize them based on the text entered when the question is displayed to the learner
  • Custom Feedback - if Response Visibility is enabled for learners or Passing Score is set at 100%, checking this box lets you set a custom message that displays if the question is answered incorrectly (e.g. "We're sorry, that is not a valid answer. Please try again.").

  • Grading Instructions - if this question is auto-graded, nothing displays here. If the question is manually-graded, a text box appears where you can enter grading instructions for an assessment facilitator.

Heads Up!

If assessment answers contain punctuation, learners may see punctuation duplicated in the assessment feedback they receive when reviewing their assessment results. The platform automatically adds a period to assessment feedback - as seen in the image below:

Manage Questions & Question Sections

The Questions tab gives you access to manage an assessment's questions & question Sections - you can:

Manage Questions

  • Change the order of assessment questions by dragging & dropping the question within the list.
  • Click on the linked question text to make edits or update properties.

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