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This article provides an overview of the Course Settings available in Evolve.

Course Settings

Accessed from the cog icon in the Editor Toolbar.

Menu Tab Available Actions
General Change the course's Title (internal only), Display title (seen in the course) and HTML title (seen in the browser window). Make your course RTL (for a right-to-left language version) and add Tags to this course.
Navigation Control the top navigation bar and access to the course menu. Turn on the page navigation bar at the foot of each page.
Menu Choose the type of menu you would like to use.
Globals Set up your own default settings for buttons, videos, questions, downloads and page
Behaviour Decide how each page and the whole course will be classed as "complete"
Learner Turn on a setting to pull the user's name from your LMS and use it in the course (and other details if you use Intellum's Exceed LMS.
Search Used in conjunction with the Search extension, this allows you to add keywords to your main menu that the Learner can search for.
{Standard} Menu The title of this will change depending on which Menu you have chosen to use, and contains all the settings for that menu type.
Menu Content Items Allows you to add extra areas of text and media onto your menu screen.

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