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In the Fonts tab within your theme you can update the fonts that will be used throughout your styling.

  • Where font changes are made in this tab those changes will be applied throughout the theme wherever that font is used

  • You can select up to 7 different fonts to use in your theme

  • As standard, Evolve provides access to the Google Font Library and Web Safe Fonts

  • It is possible to upload custom fonts to use in your theme (see below)

Changing fonts

  • Select the edit icon (blue pencil) next to the font you wish to change > select the group of fonts you wish to search (Installed, Google or Web Safe) > the font will update in the list and anywhere that font was used in the theme

Uploading Custom Fonts to Evolve

This is an advanced user feature.

Creating Font Packages for Upload to Evolve

Before adding custom font files to Evolve check that you have the correct license for using the font on the web.

To upload your custom font you will need to have all 5 of these file types - eot, svg, ttf, woff, woff2 - for each type of the font, e.g as a minimum:

FontName.eot, FontName.svg, FontName.ttf, FontName.woff, FontName.woff2

All five file types must be included for each font style

then, if you have varieties within your font, each one in the same 5 formats... FontNameItalic.eot, FontNameItalic.svg, FontNameItalic.ttf... etc

If you’ve purchased a commercial font for the web then your provider will have likely given you these files.

If you only have the TTF version of the font, you can use services like Fontie or Transfonter. These services will generate a .zip file for upload to Evolve.

  • There must not be any other files (or folders) other than the 5 types listed above within the zip.
  • Make sure if you zip them yourself you zip up only the font files, not the folder they are within.

Heads Up!

MacOS often includes extra files when zipping files natively even if you follow the above instructions. If you cannot successfully upload a fonts zip made on a Mac, please try zipping via PC or using a tool to zip them correctly.

Uploading custom fonts

Once you have your font package zip file as described above:

  • Select Assets from the top menu > in the Assets page select Manage Fonts from the right-hand side

  • Select + Upload Fonts

  • You can now upload your custom font using the button

  • If you receive an error - revisit the Creating Font Package section above and make sure you have created the file correctly

  • Once you have uploaded your font, return to your course and select Appearance

  • Select the Fonts tab > select the edit icon of the font you wish to change > select Installed from the pop up > your font should now be there to select

Heads Up!

If you have any trouble uploading your font file, check for things like special characters or extra full stops in your filenames that may be causing a block and may need removing.

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