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Course templates provide users with the ability to create, edit, and manage their own course templates that can also be used when creating Managed by Exceed Evolve courses, optimizing your course creation workflow.

With course templates, you can either create a course template from scratch using those provided with Evolve or turn an existing or newly created course into a course template.

In this article, we’ll walk you through creating, editing, and managing course templates within Evolve.

Create a course from a template

  1. Within the Evolve dashboard, click the dropdown arrow attached to Create Course.

  2. Select Create from Template.

  3. Enter a course title.

  4. Select a template type.

  5. Click Create Course.

Screenshot showing steps to create a course from a template

Set an existing course as a template

Creating a template from a course that has already been created can be accomplished in a few clicks. Follow the steps below to get started:

  1. Click the More Actions icon in the Editor Toolbar within the course you’d like to create a template from.

  2. Click Create Template.

Screenshot showing how to create a template from an existing course

Set a template title and template description to easily identify the template for future use. Press Submit.

Screenshot showing steps to create a template

Manage course templates

Access templates by navigating to the Templates menu from the Dashboard. This menu provides you with the ability to do the following:

  • Create a course from a template

  • Preview a template

  • View the settings of a template

  • Pin a template

Note: When a course is created from a template, it will include all of the settings (i.e. extensions, theme, and logic triggers) of the original course the template was created from. Additionally, pinning a template will make it accessible in the Create Course > Course Template menu. Pinned templates are user specific and does not apply across accounts.

Template settings

Screenshot showing template details

Access template details by clicking Details in the View Actions menu of the template after it has been created. The details menu allows you to:

  • Edit the template title

  • Edit the template description

  • Apply tags

  • Set a template as an Exceed template

Note: To edit a template, create a course from the template you’d like to change. Once the new course has been created, create a new template from the updated course and delete the old template.

Managed by Exceed course templates

To make a template available within the Intellum platform, first navigate to the template details. Click the checkbox under Exceed Template.

Screenshot showing how to enable Exceed template

Once set up, you will see the template available when you create a new Evolve course within the Intellum platform. To use the template within the Intellum platform, navigate to your admin dashboard > Content > + New > Evolve Course.

Screenshot showing how to use Evolve template in Exceed

You’ll want to ensure that your Evolve and Intellum accounts have been integrated to enable Managed by Exceed features so that you can use these templates with Intellum.

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