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In this article, we dive into the process of adding users into Evolve as an admin.

Add a user

Once you are logged into your account as an admin, select Users from the left-hand menu.

From the top of the Users screen, select + Add User.

Enter the user's full name, email address, and select their role (see below). Then, click Add User.

User account types and permissions

There are four user account types available when adding a new user:


  • No restrictions
  • Access to user management (adding/deleting/editing users - including editing roles)
  • Override locking of courses and themes
  • Duplicate locked courses


  • No access to user management
  • Lock themes/courses
  • Theme editing
  • Put courses up for review and add reviewers
  • Cannot duplicate locked courses

Heads Up!

Editors and Admins can only be added when there are sufficient licenses available. To add more licences, visit My Account under your menu.

Graphic Designer

  • Can only view, add, edit and delete assets
  • Cannot view any courses


  • Can only view courses that are up for review and that they have been added to
  • Can leave comments in courses they are reviewing

Heads Up!

You are able to add an unlimited amount of reviewers.

Once a user has been added, they will receive an email with a link asking them to complete registration and set a password to finalize the account creation process:

Please note that the link sent is set to expire 72 hours after it is received. If the registration link isn't clicked within that timeframe, the user will need to be deleted and added again in order to receive a new link.

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