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In an article published in 2019, researchers presented a seven-principle model for designing and developing video lessons for an online computer science course. This model, based on findings from the science of learning, looked like this:

Using this model, researchers created course materials and implemented them over a series of eight semesters, finding that learners preferred the videos created using this model and that learners believed that these videos were effective at helping them understand complicated principles.

The value of this article is that it presents detailed information about best practices in creating instructional videos. Like so many others, the study only researches learners’ perceptions of course effectiveness. If you’re looking for inspiration for your next instructional video series, definitely check this article out -- but know it has limitations.

Key Findings

Videos created with this 7-principle model were liked by learners and were perceived as being effective instructional tools.

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Ou, C., Joyner, D. A., & Goel, A.K. (2019). Designing and developing video lessons for online learning: A seven-principle model. Online Learning Journal, 23(2), 82-104.