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The following activity properties fields and information contributes to Search Engine Optimization for the activities in your catalog.

Optimize activity properties

Help optimize your content for discoverability by tailoring the information you add to the following activity roperties fields:


Tags for an activity feature the activity 1.) title, 2.) description, and 3.) keywords - as defined in activity Properties.

Add Alt Text to activity imagery

Adding alt text to an activity's imagery in the platform can help contribute to the SEO of your site, alongside making your site more accessible to learners. You can add alt text for each activity's cover art as well as for an activity's hero image - if available.

Alt text added for an activity's cover art and the resulting tag in the Catalog page source code.

Here's how to add alt text to activity imagery:

  1. Open the activity Properties.
  2. Scroll to find the Activity Cover Art and Hero Image upload section.
  3. After uploading cover art or a hero image, the Alt Text for... field appears.
  4. Add alt text for the cover art or hero image.
  5. Click Save Changes to update the alt text for the activity imagery.
Alt text added for an activity's hero image and the resulting tag in the Activity page source code.

The alt text added to activity cover art images or hero image is reflected in the source code of Catalog pages - for cover art - or activity pages - for hero images.

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