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Adaptive Assessments can help you test for subject mastery while letting learners bypass questions around content they've already mastered. The Adaptive grade type can be used with assessments, facilitated assessments, and evaluations to allow learners multiple attempts to prove their mastery of the content across each section of your assessment.

This article breaks down the high-level steps you'll follow to set up an adaptive assessment in the platform.

Step 1: Create an assessment

New Assessments, Facilitated Assessments, and Evaluations can all be assigned the Adaptive grade type. For existing assessments, move on to Step 2.

Follow these steps to create a new assessment activity in the platform:

  1. Navigate to Content in the admin nav panel.
  2. Click + New and choose Assessment.
  3. Select an Assessment Type (assessment, facilitated assessment, or evaluation).
  4. Give your new assessment, survey, or evaluation a Title.
  5. Assign the page to the appropriate Locale - if needed.
  6. Use the Scheduled Activity setting to enable live events - if needed.
  7. Click Create.

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Step 2: Assign the Adaptive Grade Type

Update the assessment's Grade Type to Adaptive through the Assessment tab on the assessment's Properties page - as seen below:

Follow these steps to set an assessment's Grade Type to Adaptive:

  1. Select the assessment's Properties page.
  2. Select Assessment from the sidebar and find the Grade Type options.
  3. Select Adaptive and click Save.

When you make an assessment adaptive, you add the option to set a mastery score for each question sections in your assessment. When a learner achieves the mastery score for a section, it's removed from their future attempts.

Step 3: Questions, Question Sections, & Section Mastery Scores

Add questions and question sections to your assessment or evaluation. Question sections help organize questions for learning delivery.

Assign a mastery score to question sections that reflects mastery of the content covered by assessment questions.

Follow these steps to assign a mastery score to a question section:

  1. Use the Sections drop down to select an active question section.
  2. Click Edit Section Mastery Score.
  3. Set the section's Mastery Score - i.e. what percentage of questions must the learner answer correctly to pass the section.
  4. Click Save.

The mastery score is set for that question section. Repeat the above steps for each question section in your assessment - or as needed.

When a learner achieves the mastery score for a section, the questions from that section are removed from future attempts of the assessment.

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Step 4: Add Assessment Actions

Actions give you the power to you create automatic enrollments based on a learner's performance in an assessment. Actions can be based on a learner's scores within specific question sections of an assessment.

Use actions with adaptive assessments to recommend or require content for follow up before the learner's next attempt with the assessment.

Follow these steps to add an Action for a question section:

From the Actions tab:

  1. Click Add New Action.
  2. The Type dropdown lets you trigger the Action based on score within a specific question Section.
  3. The Score fields let you define the score range that will trigger the Action.
  4. Choose an enrollment status for the learning content to be assigned: Recommended or Required.
  5. Use the search to find and add the content to be assigned. The activity will be added the learner's Plan with the appropriate enrollment status.
  6. Enter an optional number of days within which the activity will be due.
  7. Click Save.

To edit or delete an Action, click the pencil or trash can icon to the right of the action.

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