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Week of Monday, January 18

Intellum v44.27.0

  • Fixed an issue where timezones in GoToTraining were incorrect.

  • Fixed an issue where the completion checkmark was not displaying for autocompleted Pages within a Path.

Tribe v1.38.0

  • Changed the way we process videos in order to ensure they are performant as possible.

  • Fixed issue where the notification badge count of the mobile app was not working correctly.

  • Adjusted the logic for the yellow “loss of connectivity” bar that shows up in Chat, to eliminate false positives.

  • Changed logic of link URLs to only be clickable and generate link preview if link has protocol, to avoid unintended link previews.

Evolve v8.2.4

  • Media Carousel Component – Items now have the option of displaying the item image in a light box.

  • Narrative Component – Items now have the option of displaying the item image in a light box.

  • Simulation Component – The window should now scroll to the results dialog when displayed even if the Show Results Restart Button is not displayed.

  • Hotgraphic Component – Inline items should now use the Component Item Content Body Text Styles – background color.

Week of Monday, January 11

Intellum v44.26.0

  • Fixed an issue where admin forms did not have enough padding.

  • Fixed an issue where some letter types where not sending at the correct time.

  • Fixed a typo in the graded messaging on a facilitated assessment.

  • Fixed an issue where a published activity was not respecting the section order property.

  • Added the page outline property to course imports.

  • Fixed an issue where authenticating with Webex could fail.

  • Fixed an issue where the page outline feature was not respecting the organization color.


No Tribe release this week.

Evolve v8.2.3

  • Game Component

    • Fixed issue where if you exit or refresh the course once a question is answered but the next one hasn’t displayed yet, the component becomes “stuck” on the last question that was completed before exit/refresh. This only happened when the course was on Exceed or Bloom.
    • Added Ability to display a next question button that appears when a question is completed. Setting the “Next Question Button Text” in the “Game General” section will cause the button to appear.
  • Media Component – The audio description section was showing unused fields for the audio description button.

  • Logic – String type variables should now keep any line breaks when displayed inside body text using the text editor.

  • Reflection Extension

    • Added setting to only show completed components in the reflection download pdf.
    • Added setting to hide the learner name in the reflection download pdf.
  • Course Navigation Extension – When publishing using the LMS preset, an empty page should no longer be added to menus without pages.

Week of Monday, January 4

Intellum v44.25.0

  • Fixed issue where the ampersand character was displaying as "&" on the Catalog Home Page.
  • Added versioning support for Letter Trigger Group Restrictions.
  • Fixed issue where max attempts were displaying for some users although the max attempts were set to ‘none’.

Tribe v1.37.0

  • [Released 12/29/2020] New Custom Application Name field - Organization owners are now able to change the name of “Tribe” to a custom name of their choosing. Just go to your Organization Admin settings and click on the Properties tab to see the new field.

Evolve v8.2.2

  • Card Drop Component – The reset button is no longer displayed if only 1 attempt is set in the editor.

  • Dialog Component – When the “Start Dialog Automatically?” setting is enabled, the dialog should now always start automatically after live preview has been updated with any changes made in the editor.

  • Media Carousel Component – When the course is set to RTL mode and viewed on mobile, the carousel no longer turns blank momentarily after sliding to the next item.

  • Branching component – Language export files should now contain the text from the ‘Display Full Story Button Text’ field.

  • Infographic Component – When an item is set to scroll to an article/block/component and the course is published, the scrolling should now work.

  • Hotgraphic Component

    • The hotgraphic pin editor should now position the pin much more accurately.
    • Fixed issue where RTL was not working with item title/body when using tooltip items.
  • Simulation Component – When using the button action “Submit Screen and Navigate To Screen” on a screen that also ends the simulation, the simulation component should now set to complete.

  • Tabs component – Fixed issue where the tab item content was showing a nested bullet points style on android.

  • Logic – When navigating to content on the same page, the page should now scroll smoothly in the Safari browser.

  • Dialogs – Fixed issue where the dialog title outline was visible even when “Course Focus Outline Color” in the theme is not set to a color.

  • Footer Navigation – Line breaks are missing from the page display title inside the footer.

  • Text Editor – The Force Left Align setting should no longer override RTL mode.