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Once you've created and listed a BlueJeans meeting or event, users can enroll in and access the event through the Events tab in learner navigation.

Things to note:

  • Users will be prompted to download the BlueJeans app, and asked to enter the email address used in the Intellum platform, before the BlueJeans meeting is launched.
Learners will find the join link for you BlueJeans meeting on the event page.

Users that enroll get access to the join link for your BlueJeans meeting or event directly within the Intellum platform.

Calendar Invites: Learner Experience

The Calendar Invite property for scheduled activities triggers an invite email from the platform when a user enrolls in a BlueJeans meeting or event.

Heads up!

For better user experience and continuity, we recommend disabling invites in BlueJeans settings for any event you create and host in the platform.

The platform invite includes the BlueJeans meeting information - including a join link - and is sent to the email address listed in the user's Intellum profile.

Users who have requested to join the waitlist for a BlueJeans meeting event will not receive an enrollment email until their waitlist request has been approved.

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