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Within a Page, you are able to add multiple components to build and structure your content. Adding photos to your activities can be done easily within the Intellum platform. Here, we'll walk you through adding and formatting photo components.

Add a photo component

Add images to a page by clicking the add component icon and selecting Add Photo. You'll be prompted to select an image for upload to the page. Photo components have a file size limitation of 10MB.

Additionally, photos uploaded as a file component will be treated as a file component, giving you the opportunity to add or update the display name and image of the file.

Note: You have the ability to cancel photo, video, and file uploads.

Formatting a photo component

After an image is uploaded, selecting it on the page reveals image options that let you customize the appearance of the image on the page, add a link to the image, add alt text for the image, and include a caption for the image.

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