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Assessments help you ensure your content sticks with users. You can quiz users with graded questions to follow up on retention - or check in with manually graded questions to help assess understanding. Alongside common activity properties, the assessment Properties tab gives you access to assessment-specific settings and controls.

Assessment-specific Properties are broken into three sections:

  • Display Properties
  • Grading Properties
  • Assessment Results Page

This article provides an overview of the properties available for managing assessments, surveys, and evaluations.

Assessment Display Properties

Display properties control the info included on the assessment page, the way the assessment, questions, and answer choices are presented to the learner.


Info added to this field appears at the beginning of an assessment. If Page Setup is set to show one question per page, instructions will appear to a learner after she launches an assessment, but before she starts it.

Page Setup

Controls how assessment questions are presented to learners.

Choose from the following options:

  • Question - display one question per page.
  • Section - display entire Question Sections on a single page
  • All - display all questions on a single page

Section Name

Adds a tag to each question's info to identify its question Section.


Adds a + icon to the assessment page that, when clicked, launches a calculator.

Randomize Question Order

If enabled, questions will be presented to learners in a random order, regardless of intended order or Section.

Randomize Choice Order

If enabled, all answers for multiple choice question types will be randomized.

Confirmation Page

If enabled, learners will be shown a confirmation message prior to submitting an assessment.

Assessment Grading Properties

Grading Properties let you control the method by which your assessment will be graded and set other grading options like a passing score or time limit.

Heads Up!

Surveys - by design - do not feature Grading Properties.

Grade Type

  • Completion
    • Success is based on solely on the completion of the assessment
  • Pass/Fail
    • Success is based on the Passing Score set for the assessment
  • Force 100%
    • Success is based on the learner answering all questions correctly

The following properties are made available based on your Grade Type selection:

  • Passing Score
    • Set the passing score for the assessment (i.e. 80% of questions answered correctly)
  • Time Limit
    • Adds a countdown timer for learners taking the assessment. If the assessment is not completed in the allocated time, the learner fails the assessment.

Heads Up!

If Time Limit is set on an assessment with the Completion grade type, the assessment can be failed if it is not completed within the allocated time.

Assessment Results Page

The Assessment Results Page section of Assessment Properties lets you personalize the results experience for learners after they submit their assessment answers.

Results Page - Completion/Passed/Failed Title

Example of a custom title added to a results page.

Display a custom title if an assessment completed, passed, or failed. Available options available are based on Assessment Grade Type.

Results Page - Completion/Passed/Failed Message

Display a custom message after the assessment has been completed, passed, or failed. Available options available are based on Assessment Grade Type.

Show Section Results (A in graphic below)

Gives learners a breakdown of assessment results by question Section. Point values are only included for graded assessments.

Show Recommendation & Requirements Section (B in graphic below)

Based on the Assessment Actions you set up, recommended, or required, learning content will display in this section.

Response Visibility when Student Reviews (C in graphic above)

Determines how answers display when learners review Assessment results.

  • Show All Responses: Shows all questions and correct/incorrect answers provided by the learner after the Assessment is submitted.
  • Show Only Incorrect Responses: Shows all incorrect questions/answers provided by the learner, and hides correct questions/answers after the Assessment is submitted.
  • Hide All Responses: Questions and answers will not be shown to the learner after the Assessment is submitted.

Allow Learner Feedback on Questions (D in graphic above)

Give learners an opportunity to provide feedback on assessment questions.

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