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Intellum integrates with Stripe to allow learners to purchase access to specific learning content or subscribe to learning content with a membership.

This article walks you through authorizing Intellum with a verified Stripe account.

Authorize with Stripe

To connect your Stripe account to Intellum, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to the Settings tab in the expanded Admin menu.
  2. Select the Apps tab in the Account menu.
  3. Begin E-commerce setup by entering an email address that learners can use for billing questions in the E-commerce field.

    4. Once a support email is added, the Connect a Stripe Account button is              made available.

   5. Click Connect a Stripe Account to begin authorization.

If you're already signed in to Stripe... you'll be asked to authorize Intellum
If you're not signed in to'll be asked to sign in before authorizing

When prompted by Stripe, click Authorize access to this account to authorize Intellum with your Stripe account. You're sent back to Intellum and your Stripe account is now connected.

You can now make learning activities or subscription memberships available for purchase.

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