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Localized versions are connected, and set as child equivalents, to the parent locale they are based on. Parent and child locales can be updated, published, and managed independently of one another, as needed, in the versioning workflow.  You can also bulk publish across parent and child locales.

This article walks you through publishing across connected parent and child locales.

Publish Across Locales

This article assumes that you have have made necessary updates to all parent and child locales, and your content is ready to be published.

Follow these steps to bulk publish across locales:

  1. After updating parent and child locales, you are ready to Publish the activity.
  2. A Publish Content modal opens, By default, the locale within which you are working is already selected. Use the dropdown menu to Publish to Additional Locales.
  3. Select each locale that should be published.
  4. Click Publish.

Heads Up!

Publishing bulk updates results in a new Published version of the activity for each selected locale. There may be a short delay before version updates are reflected in the header for each published locale.

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