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Surveys are a non-graded Assessment that follow up and get feedback from your users. Surveys can be delivered to users as stand alone activities or attached to other activities for targeted feedback on the content included.

This article shows you how to create a Survey, gives an overview of Survey-specific Properties, and demonstrates attaching a Survey to an Activity.

Create a Survey

Follow these steps to create a new Survey:

  1. Navigate to Content in the admin nav panel.
  2. Click the + New button; choose Assessment.
  3. Select Survey as the Assessment Type.
  4. Give your new Survey a Title.
  5. Click the Create button.

When you create a new survey, or access an existing survey, you are taken to the Compose tab.

Click New Question to add begin adding questions to the evaluation.

Learn more about Assessment Questions & Question Sections:

Surveys | Assessment Properties

You can edit Assessment-specific settings in the Properties tab. Alongside standard Assessment Properties, you'll find the Results section customized for Surveys:

Survey Completion Message:

Display a custom message after the Survey has been completed.

Attach a Survey to Learning Content

Once you've created a Survey, you can attach it to any piece of content in the platform to start gathering feedback from your learners.

  1. Navigate to the activity's Properties.
  2. Access the Advanced properties tab to find the Survey option.
  3. Click Choose Survey and
  4. Use search to find and select the survey to be attached.
  5. Click Save Changes.

When a user completes that activity, they will be given the option to launch the Survey.

Heads Up!

If  an activity is made inactive before learners have completed its survey,  learners can access the survey by finding the Activity enrollment in History.