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Assessments and surveys are important components of the Intellum Platform, but we've found that they don't meet every need when it comes to assessing learners.

What if you need to rate an observable soft skill like a role play, performing CPR, or safely driving a forklift? Or what if you want to rate the overall performance of an employee? That's where Evaluations come into play. You can choose from two types of Evaluations for as a follow up to a learner’s performance:

  • Admin Evaluations let administrators assess the performance of learners enrolled in the evaluation.
  • Peer Evaluations let users -- enrolled in a scheduled evaluation -- assess a fellow participant's performance.

This article covers how to create, customize and manage an Admin Evaluation and a Peer Evaluation.

Create an Evaluation

Follow these steps to create a new Evaluation:

  1. Navigate to Content in the admin nav panel.
  2. Click the + New button; choose Assessment.
  3. Select Evaluation as the Assessment Type.
  4. Give your new Evaluation a Title.
  5. Click the Create button.

When you create a new evaluation, or access an existing evaluation, you are taken to the Questions tab.

Click New Question to add begin adding questions to the evaluation.

In addition to the 11 standard question types, Evaluations feature 2 additional question types - Checklist and Feedback Prompt for your learner evaluations.


Add statement or question to the text box. An evaluator then uses the checklist you create to track requirements during the evaluation. The evaluator can then manually add up the points based on what's entered in the answer option text to provide a total score for the question.

Feedback Prompt

Provide a single statement or question in the text box. The evaluator will evaluate the answer text that the learner has entered.

Learn more about Questions & Question Sections:

Evaluations | Assessment Properties

You can edit Assessment-specific settings in the Properties tab. Alongside standard Assessment Properties, you'll find one field specific to Evaluations:

Notify Learner of Evaluator Grade

 Send a notification to the learner after an admin completes an evaluation.

Admin Evaluations

  1. Navigate to the Enrollments tab and click Enroll Users.
  2. Select the learner(s) you want to enroll and click Enroll.
  3. Create a new enrollment for the learner(s) and click Save.
  4. Navigate Back to enrollments.
  5. Select the learner you wish to evaluate and click the Evaluate button.

Administrators evaluate learners by answering each question in the Evaluation Assessment and submitting the Assessment when completed. Click Submit Grade on the Review page to complete the evaluation process. At this point, the user who was evaluated will see the Admin Evaluation Assessment on their History page and can click on the title to review the evaluation results.

Peer Evaluations

Peer evaluations let your learners evaluate each other through the Intellum platform. Give your learners the opportunity to assess other participants using Events and the Peer Grade assessment property.

You create a Peer Evaluation by following the same steps used to create an Admin Evaluation, with a couple key differences.

Things to Note:

  • A Peer Evaluation is a Scheduled Activity with at least one Event to give learners the access needed to evaluate other participants.
  • The Peer Grade property can be enabled through Assessment Properties only after the assessment is made a scheduled activity.

Add an Event for a Peer Evaluation

To allow learners to evaluate each other:

  1. Ensure that the Evaluation has the Scheduled Activity property enabled.
  2. Enable the Peer Grade property found in Assessment Properties
  3. Create an event for your Peer Evaluation through the Events tab at the top of the page.
  4. Enroll two or more learners in the event to add them to the peer evaluation group.
  5. Enrolled learners access the Peer Evaluation event through their Plan page.
  6. Enrolled learners use the Participants tab on the Event page - that, when clicked, displays the other members of the peer group:

Peer evaluators answer each question in the evaluation and submit the assessment when done. The peer evaluator clicks Submit Grade to complete the evaluation process.

The learner who was evaluated can access the Peer Evaluation in History and can click on the title to review, giving her the opportunity to evaluate a peer.

Learn more about Events: