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Actions give you the power to you create automatic enrollments based on a learner's performance in an assessment. Actions can be based on a learner's scores within specific question Sections of an assessment or based on her overall score. You can add multiple Actions on an Assessment and reuse learning content across Actions.

This article gives an overview of Assessment Actions and guides you through adding an Action to an assessment.

Assessment Actions | Overview

Actions let you create automatic - Required and/or Recommended - enrollments for learning content that are triggered by a learner's score within a specific question Section, or based on her overall score for an assessment.

You can add new, or edit/delete existing, actions through the Actions tab of an Assessment.

Add an Assessment Action

From the Actions tab:

  1. Click Add New Action.
  2. The Type dropdown lets you trigger the Action based on the Assessment Total score or the score within a specific question Section.
  3. The Score fields let you define the score range that will trigger the Action.
  4. Choose an enrollment status for the learning content to be assigned: Recommended or Required.
  5. Use the search to find and add the content to be assigned. The activity will be added the learner's Plan with the appropriate enrollment status.
  6. Enter an optional number of days within which the activity will be due.
  7. Click Save.

To edit or delete an Action, click the pencil or trash can icon to the right of the action.

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