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Assessments help you ensure your content sticks with users. You can quiz users with graded questions to follow up on retention - or check in with manually graded questions to help assess understanding.

This article shows you how to create a new assessment, and provides a quick overview of the available assessment typesand the standard assessment page.

Create an Assessment

Follow these steps to create an Assessment:

  1. Navigate to Content in the admin nav panel.
  2. Click + New and choose Assessment.
  3. Select an Assessment Type (descriptions below).
  4. Give your new assessment, survey, or evaluation a Title.
  5. Assign the page to the appropriate Locale - if needed.
  6. Use the Scheduled Activity setting to enable live events - if needed.
  7. Click Create.

Assessment Types:


The standard Assessment is most commonly used to test a learner's knowledge and automatically assign a grade. To check in with a 'quiz' - or deliver a standardized test, use an Assessment.

Facilitated Assessment

If you want learners to respond to questions in short or long-form answers that will require manual grading follow up; or, if you'd like to assign a facilitator to manually grade assessments, use a Facilitated Assessment.


If you want to give learners an opportunity to provide feedback or share their opinions, use a Survey.


If you - or your fellow platform admins - need to review a learner's performance, via observation or ratings, use an Evaluation.

Assessments Page | Overview

When you create a new assessment, or access an existing assessment, you are taken to the Compose tab. Admin controls within an assessment are divided across the following tabs:


  1. Compose brings activity page authoring to Assessment activities and gives you a preview of the activity page in Learner view.
  2. Add Hero Image lets you customize the activity page with a banner graphic.
  3. Edit or update an Assessment Title or Description while working in Compose - all changes are saved immediately. If you've added a Cover Image to the activity, you'll see it reflected on the Compose page.
  4. Launch as Student lets you preview the assessment as a Learner. An enrollment is created when you launch the assessment. To reset the assessment, delete your enrollment and relaunch the assessment.
  5. Compose gives you direct access to Create Questions for your assessment.


Create new questions, control question order, and add question Sections.


Access Assessment-specific properties alongside common Activity properties


Create new, or access existing, assessment enrollments


Review assessment results by learner and access their response details


Access a by-question-breakdown of total correct answers and by-answer-breakdown of answer frequency.


Create an Action to recommend, or require, the learner follow up with specific learning content. Actions can be triggered by the user's overall score on the assessment or her score within a question Section in the assessment

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