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A Path is an activity created by sequencing other activities. A path serves as a container to organize learning across individual activities with the goal of helping learners complete specific tasks, or meet specific qualifications or requirements. Paths let you blend formal and informal learning, and pair your propriety content with curated content, so learners stay engaged.

This article gives an overview of creating a path, adding new or existing activities to a path, adding Sections to a path, and managing a path's flow, Settings, and Properties.

Things to note:

  • A path can be a combination of any type of activity, except other paths or Collections
  • A path can be set up to have its activities be completed in sequence or in any order

Learn more about Collections:

Create a New Path

You create a path just like you create other activities in the platform, but the content of a path is other activities - Pages, Assessments, or E-Learning.

Follow these steps to create a new path:

  1. Navigate to Content in the admin panel.
  2. Select the Paths tab.
  3. Click + New.
  4. Give your new path a Title.
  5. Use the Scheduled Activity setting to enable live events - if needed.
  6. Click Create.

Paths | Compose View

You are taken to the Compose tab of the new path. Compose lets you add new or existing activities to the path, control the Settings of the activities and Sections within the path, or edit, remove, or manage each activity in the path.

1. Path Tabs

  • The Compose tab is where you land when you create a new path or open an existing one. Access Path Properties or Enrollments.

2.) Hero Image

  • Paths lets you preview how your learners will view a Hero Image. Add a hero image that aligns with path content to engage learners.

3.) Path Title Editing

  • Edit the existing path Title in line by clicking into the field.

4.) Path Description

  • Provide context for the activities in your path with a Description. Customize with HTML/markdown.

5.) Sections

  • Sections let you sequence groups of activities. Edit Section titles and descriptions in line.

6.) Section Settings

  • Section Settings are accessible through the kebab dropdown.

7.) + Add Activity Button

  • Create new Pages, Assessments, or E-Learning Files directly in the path, or add existing Pages with a quick search-and-click.

8.) + Add Section Button

  • Add a new Section to the path. Edit new Section titles and descriptions in line.

Add Activities to a Path

Build your path's curriculum by adding existing activities, or by creating new Pages, Assessments, or E-learning in the Compose tab for the path.

Add an Existing Activity (Page, Assessment, E-learning)

  1. From the Compose page, click the + Add New Activity button.
  2. Select Add Existing Activity to search for and add an existing Page, Assessment, or E-learning activity.
  3. Search for an activity using a title or keyword from the title. Intellum lists and auto-fills results as you type.
  4. Select the appropriate activity from the results.
  5. Click Save to add the activity to your path.

Create a New Activity (Page, Assessment, E-learning)

  1. From the Compose page, click the + Add New Activity button.
  2. Select Create: New Page, New Assessment, or New E-Learning - as needed.
  3. Give the new activity a Title.
  4. Use the Scheduled Activity setting to enable live Events - if needed.
  5. Click the Create button.

After adding an existing activity, or creating a new activity, you are returned to the Compose tab of the path.

Manage Activities in a Path

Once an activity is added to a path, it can be moved within a Section, or moved to a different Section. Select the appropriate activity row and use the drag-and-drop feature to place the activity.

Clicking the menu icon at the end of an activity row gives you access to:

  • Activity | Settings
    • Control an activity's behavior and appearance within the path
  • Remove Activity
    • Deletes an activity from the path. Any activity you create in a path remains accessible via the Content list if removed.
  • Go to Activity
    • Access an activity's content, Properties, or Enrollments.

Activity | Settings

All activities offer the following path Settings when added:

Exempt if Passed

If enabled, the learner is exempted from the remaining activities in the path and receives a Completion for the path.

Status Shape

Choose a circle or star icon to represent the activity in the path overview for learners. Useful in highlighting specific activities in a path.

Assessment and eLearning activities feature these additional path Settings:

Count This Activity Toward the Score of the Path (Assessments)

Control whether an assessment has an effect on the learner's ability to complete a path.

Max Attempts (Assessments/eLearning)

Let learners reattempt an assessment or eLearning that was not pass (up to 10 attempts)

Add Sections to a Path

Sections group the activities in your path and help you sequence its curriculum. Sections have the same drag-and-drop feature as activities to let you customize the flow of a path.

From the Compose page, click the + Add New Section button.

A new Section is added to the path. The Section title and description can both be edited in line - as needed.

Clicking the kebab dropdown at the end of the Section row gives you access to:

  • Section | Settings
    • Control Section completion rules and learner access.
  • Delete Section
    • Remove the Section, and all activities within it, from the path.

Note: Users are prompted to confirm the Section deletion by acknowledging its impact on associated activity enrollments.

Section | Settings

Once created, Sections have their own Setting that control its appearance and functionality for learners.

Section Completion Rules

Define how the activities in a Section must be completed:

  • Complete in Any Order

Note: The All dropdown allows you to define how many Activities in the Section are required - dependent on the number of Activities currently in the Section.

  • Complete in Order >
  • [Activites] Optional >

Lock Activities Until

Enter a date in this field to lock access to the Section until that date. Activities within the section are given a 'lock' icon; the date the Section will be available is visible to learners.

Initial View

Control if a Section is Full or Collapsed when a learner views the path - as seen below:

Path Properties

Path Properties give you access to control the settings for the path in your account. Activities across the platform share common Properties. The Properties highlighted in this section help you with specific aspects of delivering your learning content in path.

General Properties | Paths

Path Activity Setup

Choose whether the activities in a path will be Sequenced with navigation or Launch Direct into each activity independently from the path home page.

Catalog Properties | Paths

Deep Search

When enabled in a path's Properties, the Deep Search property prevents the activities included in a path from appearing in search results in the context of the path.

Enrollment Properties | Paths

Activity Eligibility

Sometimes learners complete an activity before being enrolled in a path that contains the same Activity. Activity Eligibility lets you restrict how far back the system should look for completed learning activities:

All learning activities are eligible: gives credit for all completed learning activity enrollments.
Only learning activities that were completed after path enrollment are eligible: only gives credit for learning activities that were completed after the path enrolled date.
Only learning activities that were completed X months prior to path enrollment are eligible: only gives credit for learning activities that were completed X (i.e. 3, 6, etc.) number of months before the path enrolled date.
Only learning activities that were completed after X date are eligible: only gives credit for learning activities with a completed-on date that takes place after the date you define with this option.

Advanced Properties | Paths

Card View

Enable the Card View property and learners will see the activities in your path represented by Cards featuring activity Cover Art.

Section Order

Enable the Section Order property to require learners to complete all Sections in the path in the order they appear.

Learn more about Activity Properties: