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Your content is what brings users to your learning environment - the Activities, Paths, and Collections you add or build for your audiences. Intellum supports your content development and delivery with an open asset approach to content formats and flexible tools for content creation.

This article introduces content types in the platform and gives an overview of accessing the content list and adding new content.

Content types overview

You add content to the platform or build content in the platform using the following content types:

This screenshot illustrates the different activity types available for creation.


Activities consist of the following activity types: Pages, Assessments, Evolve Courses, E-learning, Video, and Audio.


Paths serve as a container for grouping or sequencing learning Activities to help learners meet specific objectives or complete a specific curriculum.


Collections let you group or sequence multiple Paths to deliver larger packages of learning content - like certification courses.

The Content list

Access your Content list through the Content icon in the admin navigation bar.

The Content list is broken down by content type - Activities, Paths, and Collections lists are accessed through a tab dedicated to each content type.

Each tab within the Content list features filters designed to help you pinpoint existing pieces of content, alongside options to add new content.

Content list filters

Here's a breakdown of the Content list filters (filters can be combined):

  • Status - filter the Content list by Active/Inactive content
  • Type ( Activities tab only) - view activities of a specific type
  • Locale - view content assigned to a specific locale in your account
  • Topic - view content within a specific topic
  • Sort - sort the Content list alphabetically by Name or by Last Updated

Advanced Filters:

Build custom queries by combining content properties to locate specific, or related, content within a content tab.

Content rows:

Each piece of existing content is represented by a row in the Content list.

Hover your mouse over the right edge of a content row to reveal quick access icons for content Properties and Enrollments.

Add new content

To add new content, follow these steps.

  1. Navigate to the Content list.
  2. Select the appropriate content tab based on the type of content you want to add or begin building.
  3. Click the + New button*.*

Activities tab:

Create a new Page, Assessment, Evolve Course, E-learning, Video, or Audio activity*.*

Paths & Collections tabs:

Create a new Path or Collection

You can also choose from Import options within each content tab to add Activities, Paths, or Collections in bulk.

Click the Import button to get started and follow the instructions on the Bulk Import page to add your content.

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