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Announcements are an in-app notification type that let unrestricted administrators connect with users on an as-needed, or ad-hoc, basis. Announcements are delivered to users through the Notifications Center in the Intellum platform.

This article gives an overview of creating and sending an ad-hoc announcement in the platform.

Creating an Ad-Hoc Announcement

Ad-hoc announcements can be created and sent from anywhere you can access a list of users, like:

  • The User List
  • The Enrollments tab of an activity
  • The Participants tab of an event

To create an ad-hoc announcement, follow these steps:

  1. Select a user or users from a user list in the platform.
  2. The More drop-down menu appears alongside the other user options.
  3. Select Announcement from the More drop-down menu.

Sending the Ad-Hoc Announcement

The Send Announcement window opens; add information to each field to customize your announcement:

  • Subject - the headline of the announcement
  • URL (optional) - add a link to the announcement to point users to a resource; if a preview image is available, it will be added to the card
  • Message - add a brief description, instructions, or other text (limit of 500 characters) to the announcement

Click Preview to review the announcement before sending.

A preview of the announcement card being sent to users

Click Send to deliver the announcement to the user(s) selected. Click Edit to make additional edits to the announcement.

When you click Send, the platform informs you that the announcement has been queued for delivery.  Intellum lets you undo sending the announcement for up to 5 minutes - simply click Undo Announcement.

The platform gives you the opportunity to undo sending the announcement by queueing the send request

Announcements | User Experience

Users receive announcements through the Notifications Center - the lightning bolt icon in the top nav bar - right next to their profile picture. If you've linked to a web resource in the announcement, the user will be directed to the resource when she clicks on the announcement card.

A blue badge on the icon reflects the number of unread Notifications waiting for the user. When clicked, the Notifications Center opens. Notifications are listed in chronological order - with the most recent at the top.

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