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Level allows you to track and reward your users' progress against your initiatives or campaigns by introducing successful and positive game mechanics.

Level Up

Learners earn “XP”, or Experience Points, for a wide variety of activity on the platform, including completions, posts, comments and replies, as they strive to move up to the next level.

Earn Badges

As learners earn points, they also earn badges for pre-defined engagements, like completing their profile, making their first post, or reaching certain milestones, like 50 activity completions.

Simple Metrics

The metrics tab allows the learner to view her activity and XP for the current month and compare XP and activity month over month.

Compete, Leaderboard Style

Learners are encouraged to compete with their peers via the leaderboard, where they are ranked, by XP, in real time. Learners can click on a peer to explore and compare that team member’s status to their own.

Level Team Challenges let you create a team of learners who can compete together to achieve a goal. Create friendly competition between regional or departmental teams to track their progress against goals like product sales or support ticket resolution.

Mobile Ready

Learners can easily toggle to Level in the desktop learning environment without leaving the the Intellum Platform tab in their browser, but the stand-alone native iOS or Android app offers an even more engaging way to play the performance improvement game. Achievements and award notifications keep learners coming back to your environment.

Fully Customizable

The points system, badges and third party data integrations are completely customizable, allowing you to tie the gamified performance tracking experience into your own brand.

Deeper Insight

Level empowers both the learner and the learning professional to make very specific correlations between learning content delivered through the Intellum Platform, reinforced socially through Tribe and measured via Level.

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