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Further enhance the experience by introducing Tribe, a powerful way for users to share files, links, videos, images and polls to kick-start conversation, collaboration and deeper engagement with your content.

Private Group Conversations

Each Tribe is a secure, invitation-only, private activity stream, where learners can share ideas, files, links, photos and video without the distractions associated with other enterprise collaboration tools.

User & Content Management

Control what information and which conversations individual learners and groups of learners can access.

Advanced Analytics

View learner activity, like frequency of visits, or identify content specifics, like most popular hashtag. Keep track of what your organization is talking about and turn those insights into action.

Multiple Tribes + Tribe Chat

Create unlimited Tribes within your organization, encouraging meaningful conversations between members of a specific team or with larger groups of learners. With Tribe Chat enabled, learners can reach out to a peer for a 1:1 chat, participate in a conversation about a specific learning activity and add a wide range of reactions to a message. All without ever leaving the platform.

Mobile Ready

Conversations don’t stop just because a Tribe member steps away from her computer. Powerful native iOS and Android apps allow learners to stay connected to the conversation even when they’re away from their desks or out of the office. Mobile notifications draw learners back to Tribe, an important tactic in a larger engagement strategy.

Members of specific Tribes can search activity streams, filter results and preview documents to find answers to questions, identify which version of a document to download or catch up on important internal communication.

Ready to learn more?

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