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Want someone else to grade your assessment? You can set anyone up as a facilitator; this person can be a student or another admin, and they can grade the assessment without having access to the administrative side of the platform. To identify a Facilitator, list the person under the "Facilitator" section of the Assessment Properties.

The Facilitator options can be found under Properties > Assessment section of the assessment properties.

Note that you can also notify the facilitator, when a learner submission is awaiting grading, and the learner, when the facilitator has graded the submission.

The Facilitator Experience

To grade an assessment, the facilitator will visit the activity in the catalog (in the learner view) and toggle to the Participants tab. There, they'll see any learners who have completed the assessment, including any that still need to be graded.

To grade an assessment, select the assessment in the learner view and toggle to the Participants tab.

When you click the "Grade" button, you'll be prompted to grade the assessment questions and enter any feedback that you have for the answer.

Once you've approved your answers, you can submit your grade. The learner will see any comments that you've left along with their overall grade.

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