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Tribe Chat lets you communicate directly with learners, start a group conversation dedicated to a specific topic, or spark a conversation with users engaged in a learning activity...all without ever leaving the Intellum platform.

Tribe Chat is built into the experience of Tribe on the web and the Tribe mobile app. With Tribe Chat enabled, users access Tribe Chat through the chat icon in Tribe's navigation panel.

Platform Setup

Tribe Chat is included in your subscription to Tribe. If you currently use Tribe, and would like to enable Tribe Chat for your organization, please contact your customer success manager or an Intellum representative.

Tribe Chat Settings

Settings for Tribe Chat give you options for implementing the feature to meet the needs of your organization and your users. Discuss the following options with your customer success manager to customize the Tribe Chat experience.

Restrict Chat Room Creation

  • Turn it ON - Only Tribe Organization Owners can create new chat rooms for 1:1 chats with users or group chats
  • Keep it OFF - Any Tribe member can create a new chat room for 1:1 chats or group chats

Note: If you restrict chat room creation to Owners, users may not see the chat icon in Tribe navigation until they are messaged directly or are added to a group chat.

Create and Edit Group Chats

Tribe Chat helps users connect one-on-one, but it also lets you connect to the expertise and interests of different segments of your users. Create group chats for announcements, to share resources, or for embedding in a Page activity.

Create a Group Chat

  1. Click the new message icon in Tribe Chat.
  2. Search for and select the users for the group chat.
  3. Click OK to create the group chat.
Access group chat info to update the Group Name, change your notification settings, and review group chat members

Edit a Group Name

  1. With the group chat open, click the info icon to open chat details.
  2. Click into the area below Group Name.
  3. Enter a new name for the group chat.
  4. Press enter or click the info icon again to make the change.

Group Chat URL

Open the group chat's info. You'll find the option to copy the group chat URL to your clipboard. You can use the URL to invite new members to the chat - any user who accesses the chat via the URL is automatically added to the group.

Tribe Chat Embed

A group chat URL can also be used to embed the group chat from Tribe within a Page activity in the Intellum platform.

To embed a group chat within a Page activity, follow these steps:

  1. Copy the group chat URL to your clipboard.
  2. Open a Page activity and create a new Link Component.
  3. Paste the group chat URL into the field and click Add.

If the group chat embed was successful, you will see the Open Chat button added to your Page.

Tribe Chat Embed | User Experience

Users accessing a Page with Tribe Chat embedded can click Open Chat to launch the chat room while continuing to interact with content on the Page.

An embedded Tribe Chat window can be closed or reopened - as needed. Users can also open the group chat in Tribe using the Open in Tribe icon featured beside the group name.

Tribe Social | Mobile Apps

Add the Tribe Social mobile app to your Android or iOS device to stay connected to your Tribe streams, notifications, and Tribe Chat.

Learn more about Tribe Chat: