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Sometimes you need learning to happen at a particular place and time. Scheduled Activities allow you to create Events that can be connected to nearly every Activity Type in the platform. An event represents an occurrence or recurrence of a scheduled activity - like an in-person class or a live webinar.

This article covers the creation of scheduled activities in the platform and gives an overview of the activity properties associated with scheduled activities.

Create a Scheduled Activity

Creating a Scheduled Activity is as easy as checking a single box when creating a new activity in Intellum.

To create a Scheduled Activity, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to Content in the Admin navigation panel.

  2. Click the + New button.

  3. Check the This is a scheduled activity box. before saving the new activity.

Nearly every activity in your Catalog - Collections excluded - can be made a scheduled activity by enabling the Scheduled Activity property within the activity's Properties - as seen below:

When you create a new scheduled activity or convert an activity to a scheduled activity, you enable the Events tab - giving you options to schedule and manage live, in-person or virtual, events based on activity content.

Heads Up!

The following activity properties are removed when you convert an existing activity to a scheduled activity - once converted, the properties are then managed through each event connected to the scheduled activity:

  • Require Admin Authorization
  • Max Attendance
  • Include Waitlist When Max Attendance is Reached
  • Total Students on Waitlist
  • Due Within
  • Enrollment URL

Scheduled Activity Properties

Alongside adding the ability to create events, scheduled activities feature activity properties specific to supporting and managing events.

Scheduled activities and the events connected to them share one important property that is key to making sure your learning events are available to your learners in your catalog:


With Display enabled, the scheduled activity is made available to learners in your catalog and the event is added to the Events page. The display property for a scheduled activity works in tandem with the display property for a connected event - the activity must be included to make event enrollment possible, and an event must be included to make activity content available.

The following properties are added to the general activity Properties anytime a activity is created as - or converted to - a scheduled activity:

Enable Calendar Invites

  • When enabled, an event enrollment automatically sends calendar invites to the learner via email.

Use this property to keep learners engaged with the events they've enrolled in by connecting them to the Intellum platform from the apps they work in.

Activity Facilitators

Navigate to a scheduled activity's Advanced Properties and find the Activity Facilitators property in the Advanced Scheduled Activity Properties:

Heads Up!

Contact your Customer Success Manager or an Intellum Representative to enable Activity Facilitators for your scheduled activities.

Activity Facilitators can create new events for the scheduled activities they are assigned to. Make any Student user an Activity Facilitators to give them the power to create and facilitate a new event through the My Events tab in learner view - no admin access required.

Use this feature to empower subject matter experts to create and facilitate events for learners by assigning them to activities in their area of expertise.

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