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Custom Domains let you use your own domain (URL) to point learners to your learning site on the Intellum platform.

Note: The set up and use of a custom domain is an add-on service, please contact your customer success manager or an Intellum representative_for further information and pricing._

This article gives an overview of the requirements for setting up a custom domain and the process you'll need to follow to share your SSL certificates with Intellum.

Requirements for Custom Domain Set Up

Target your audiences with a Custom Domain that points learners to the Intellum platform

To use a custom domain with the Intellum Platform, we require the following items for set up:

  • You must own the domain you would like to use.
  • An SSL certificate for your domain to load onto our load balancer. This includes public, private, and intermediate certificates.
    • Instructions for how to securely send these certificates to Intellum can be found below.
    • Optionally Intellum can create a CSR that the customer can use to create the certificate and we won't need to worry about transmitting the private key.
  • A DNS entry added to point the custom domain to our load balancer. Please contact your customer success manager or an Intellum representative to request further details as to where to point DNS.

Note: A custom domain can only be used with your Production environment. Staging and Release environments still use an Intellum owned domain.

Securely Transferring SSL Certificates

Choose from the following options to securely transfer your SSL certificates:

Upload via SFTP

You can securely upload the certificate file(s) to your SFTP home on Intellum’s servers. Find your SFTP URL and credentials in the Developer Resources section on the Settings page in your account - as seen below.

Note: Notify your customer success manager when the certificate files have been uploaded and we will complete the set up process.

Use GPG to encrypt your files with Intellum's Public Key

Follow these steps to encrypt your certificate files:

  1. Request Intellum’s GPG public key
  2. Import Intellum's public key into your keyring

gpg --import intellum.asc

    3. Encrypt the file(s)

gpg --output cert.crt.gpg --encrypt --recipient intellum-ftp {cert filename}"

    4. Share certificate files with Intellum.
Options to do that include: email, Google Drive, DropBox, SFTP...etc.

Intellum can create a CSR (Certificate Signing Request).

Another option is Intellum can create a CSR for the certificate and send it over to the customer.
The customer can create the public key and return it to Intellum.
The big benefit with this process is the private key never leaves our control.

If you have a method to transfer secure files, not covered in the options above, please contact your customer success manager for further assistance.