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The Intellum app for Salesforce can be added to a Salesforce account to sync learning data from Intellum - helping you review and report on learning metrics alongside the other business metrics you track. Connect Intellum to Salesforce to be able to reflect enrollments, enrollment statuses, due dates, and more - contact by contact - all within Salesforce.

This article covers the platform requirements for adding the Intellum app to Salesforce, connecting Intellum to Salesforce, and the Salesforce configuration needed to sync information with Intellum.

Platform Setup

The Intellum app syncs enrollment information from learners to your Salesforce Contacts. Once connected, Unrestricted Admin can find the Salesforce integration reflected in the Apps tab in account Settings.

To add the Intellum app to Salesforce, here’s what you’ll need:

  • A Salesforce account with administrator access.
  • The  Enable Salesforce integration feature must be enabled on your Intellum account.
    • Contact your Account Strategist for more information.
  • An installation link for the Intellum app from your Account Strategist.
  • A field in your Salesforce Contact form that can be mapped to match the user Code in Intellum.

Install the Intellum App in Salesforce

To begin connecting Salesforce to Intellum, follow these steps:

  1. Log in to Salesforce as an administrator.
  2. Follow the Managed Package link provided by your Account Strategist.
  3. Install for All Users as shown below:

4. Click Install to add the Intellum app to Salesforce.

Configure the Intellum App:

After installation is complete, you'll be asked to configure the app by:

  • Selecting a field from your Salesforce contact fields to map to the user Code field in the Intellum platform.
    • Note: The data in this field must match data already populated in the user Code field in Intellum.
  • Authenticating with your Intellum account by copying & pasting the any URL from your Intellum account:
Intellum Installation steps within Salesforce

Click Activate to authorize the Intellum app in Salesforce.

Installation Screen Time Out:

In some cases the installation screen may time out while the Intellum app is being installed. Once you are notified that the app has successfully installed, you can find the post installation instructions for the Intellum app within Salesforce.

In Salesforce, visit Apps->Installed Packages->Intellum. Find Post Install Instructions and click View. Follow the instructions to complete the installation process.

Accessing post installation instructions in Salesforce

Salesforce Configuration

Optional Setup

Once the Intellum Salesforce App is installed, a Salesforce admin can follow these steps to add Intellum Enrollment data to the Related lists section of Salesforce Contacts:

  1. In Salesforce, open Set Up and navigate to the Object Manager

  2. Open the Contact object.

  3. Select Page Layouts from the side navigation panel.

  4. Select Contact Layout from the list to add Exceed Enrollments to your Contact tab.

  5. Click on Related Lists within the Contact Layout panel.

  6. Find Exceed Enrollments within the Related Lists panel. Drag & Drop it into the Related Lists section below to add it to the Contact Layout.

  7. Click Save.

Viewing Enrollments in Salesforce

After a successful integration, you'll be able to review learner enrollments within Salesforce. Each enrollment reflects the Activity Name, a Completed On date, and the enrollment's Status. Clicking on a linked activity name lets you review details specific to that enrollment - as seen below:

Review enrollments by learner and select an activity to see more details