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Note: Functionality in Pages (Beta) may continue to change as the feature is developed. We appreciate your feedback and use!

Pages - Help & Saved Status Icons

You'll find two icons at the bottom-right of every Page you build.

The first icon links you directly to this article in Experience, helping you get started with - or learn more about - building Pages.

The ? icon takes you to Pages documentation in Experience.

The second icon keeps you updated on the saved status of the Page you're working in - showing you when the platform is working on unsaved changes and updating once your changes are saved.

Quick Tip:

  • If the changes you've made are not reflected correctly - based on your latest edits - simply refresh the page in your browser.

Page Components - File Size Limitations

While there is no limit to the amount of text or number of Post components that can be added to a Page, the following file size limits apply to Photo, Video, and File components added to a Page:

  • Photo components: 10MB
  • Video components: 3GB
  • Other File components: 10MB

Use the Up & Down arrow keys to navigate between Page components

Insert a New Component

Hitting the Enter/Return key at the end of line of text inserts a new component below your text.

Hitting the Enter/Return key at the beginning of a line of text, or while a non-text component is selected, inserts a new component above the current component.

Add a Horizontal Line

Use markdown and enter *** at the beginning of a new line to separate your text or components with a horizontal line.

Drag & Drop Components

Photo, Video, File and Link components can be easily moved within a Page by clicking on the component and dragging them to a new location.

Format Your Components

Text Formatting Options

Highlighting text opens a formatting menu that lets you bold, italicize, or link your text; you can also format text as a H1 or H2 header, bulleted or numbered list, or a blockquote.

You can use common keyboard commands within Pages to format selected text (e.g. Ctrl/Cmd + b to bold your text).

You can use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl/Cmd + z to undo changes to text, restoring content that was altered or deleted.

Photo and Video Formatting Options

Selecting a Photo or Video component gives you options to control the size of the image/video on the page - normal, wide, or full-width -  or add a caption for the image/video.

You can also add a link to your Photo components, directing learners to resources on the web when they click on a linked image in your page.

Adding a URL to an image within a Page. Learners simply click on the image to access the linked content.

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