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Built around the Topics in your Catalog, Topic Evaluations utilize Responsibilities in the platform to help you and your learners benchmark and target specific skills for learning development.

Once a learner self-evaluates or is evaluated by a Manager or Topic Expert - the platform can automatically recommend learning Activities targeted at further developing those skills.

Note: Contact your customer success manager or an Intellum representative to enable Topic Evaluations for your account.

In this article, you'll learn how to create the core components of a topic evaluation by adding Responsibilities to your Topics. You'll also learn how to add Activities to the Responsibilities in your Topic Evaluations - letting you deliver personalized development plans as a follow-up to evaluations.


Responsibilities are the core of every topic evaluation. Think of responsibilities as statements that reflect the real-world skills needed for mastery of a specific topic.

As an Unrestricted Admin, adding responsibilities is the first step toward creating a topic evaluation for your learners.

Here's an example set of responsibilities related to Marketing data and research:

Responsibilities created around marketing data and research are added to the Data & Research Topic for use in topic evaluations.

Add responsibilities to topics

Unrestricted Admin can create new Responsibilities by adding them to Topics in the platform. Adding responsibilities to a Topic in your Catalog gives Admin or Topic Experts the ability to begin building evaluations for that Topic.

Navigate to the Topics tab in the expanded Admin menu.

  1. Click on the linked name of a topic from the Topic List to open topic Properties.
  2. Click on the Responsibilities tab found below the Topic name.
  3. Click Add responsibility. You can choose to:
    • Add an existing responsibility whichlets you search, or select from, existing Responsibilities list in your account.
    • Add a new responsibility which lets you create a new responsibility, adds that responsibility to the Topic, and adds it to the Responsibilities List in your account.
  4. Continue until you have added, or created, the appropriate responsibilities for your Topic.

Selecting the radial button beside a responsibility allows you to edit the responsibility or remove it from the Topic list.

Any updates made to responsibilities after they are added to a Topic are also reflected in the Responsibilities List. Removing a responsibility from a Topic doesn't remove it from the Responsibilities list in your account - only from that Topic.

Build a topic evaluation

With responsibilities created and added to the Topic, Unrestricted Admin or assigned Topic Experts can now build topic evaluations for your Topics.

Topic evaluations put your responsibilities to work by giving learners an opportunity to evaluate - or be evaluated on - their knowledge across a scale of expertise. Each responsibility in the evaluation features a default rating scale with the following options:

  • Requires assistance (Beginner)
  • Does not require assistance (Intermediate)
  • Can assist others (Advanced)
Learner View: The default rating scale for responsibilities within a topic evaluation.

Beyond benchmarking options, Unrestricted Admin and Topic Experts can attach learning Activities to responsibilities within a topic evaluation - delivering a personalized development plan to learners, once evaluated.

Below is an example of the Data & Research Topic Evaluation with responsibilities previously added:

Example 3: The responsibilities added to the Data & Research Topic can be reviewed and edited by Unrestricted Admins or Topic Experts while building the Topic Evaluation.

Build a topic evaluation

Topic evaluations are built while working in Learner View. Access to build Topic Evaluations is available only to Unrestricted Admin and assigned Topic Experts.

Unrestricted Admin and Topic Experts build Evaluations by accessing the Develop tab found within Topic pages.
  1. Navigate to the All Topics page in Learner View.
  2. Click on the appropriate Topic.
  3. Click on the Develop tab below the Topic name.
  4. Each Topic Evaluation your build features the following options:
    • Show this tab to learners allows learners to access the Develop tab for the Topic and any Topic Evaluation.
    • Evaluation Type lets you control the levels of evaluation. Choose between Self Only or Self & Expert to allow Topic Experts/Managers access to evaluate learners.
  5. Click on Edit topic skills to begin building your topic evaluation.
    • You'll find any responsibilities previously added to a Topic also added within the evaluations you build.
  6. Click Add Responsibility to search for and add an existing responsibility using the Add Responsibility window.

Once added, responsibilities can be dragged and dropped within the list using the = icon or removed using the X icon.

Adding/Removing responsibilities from a topic evaluation will also add/remove them from the associated Topic.

Add activities

Mapping Activities to responsibilities within topic evaluations lets you automatically recommend content from your Catalog to help learners hone their skills.

You can add any number of Activities to any responsibility - which means you can create a custom plan for Topic mastery, no matter the learner's skill level - Beginner, Intermediate, or Advanced.

Below is an example of Activities added to a responsibility within the Data & Research topic evaluation:

Example 4: Activities with a difficulty of Beginner are added to a responsibility for the Data & Research topic evaluation. Once evaluated, these activities would be recommended to learners reporting Beginner-level knowledge.

Add activities to responsibilities:

GIF: Adding and Moving an Activity in a Topic Evaluation - adding learning Activities of different difficulty levels helps optimize the opportunity for development across your audience - for example: 3 beginner activities , 2 intermediate, 1 advanced.

  1. Click the Add Activity link below a selected responsibility.
  2. Search for and select an existing learning Activity using the Add Activity window.

Once added, activities mapped to a responsibility:

  • Can be reordered using the = icon.
  • Can be moved to a different responsibilityusing the = icon.
  • Can be removed using the X icon found after the activity name.
  • Will be deleted, if the associated responsibility is deleted (see image below).
Warning message displays before a responsibility, with assigned activities, is deleted from a topic evaluation.

Accessing topic evaluations

The learner experience

Once an Admin or Topic Expert completes a building an evaluation and adding Activities, the evaluation can be made available to learners using the Show this tab to learner setting. Doing so makes the Develop tab in the Topic visible to learners - letting them benchmark their current knowledge or skill level with that Topic.

If a Topic has an active evaluation attached, any learner that follows the Topic will be prompted to evaluate their mastery of the Topic.

Self-only evaluations

If the Evaluation Type is set to Self Only, learners will have any recommended learning content added to their plan immediately:

Self & expert evaluations

If the Evaluation Type is set to Self & Expert, learners will have recommended learning content added to their plan after a Topic Expert or Manager has completed their evaluation:

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