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Custom Navigation lets unrestricted admin define and customize the navigation components seen by learners in the header of the platform. In addition to the existing Home, Events, Discover, Plan, and Manage pages, you can also create navigation items that point learners to topic pages, a page activity, or internal and external links.

This article provides an overview of adding custom navigation items to an organization.

Admin Experience

From the new Organizations > Navigation page, admins can add one or more custom navigation items for a particular branding organization:

Navigation items are displayed to user in the order they are listed on the navigation settings page. Drag and drop the items in the list to change their order. The first item is made the default landing page for the organization.

Click Add Navigation Item to add other default navigation items, or Pages, Topics, Topic Sections, and Links to create a custom navigation experience.

If you plan to add a Page, Topic or Link, an additional screen appears allowing you to search for the item in the platform (if a Page or Topic) or define the URL (if a Link). Choose an icon to represent your new navigation item.

Heads Up!

If a Link is chosen as the first item in the Navigation menu, it will not be considered a default landing page - the next item in the list will be used.

You can define separate navigation experiences for each locale within an organization. The locale selector at the top right of the page allows you to change locales and edit the navigation items for that locale.

Click the Duplicate link at the top right of the page to create a copy of the branding organization that is ready to be customized for your audience.

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