We’ve written a good bit about the direct correlation between consistently adding content and significantly improving learner engagement. We have also worked on a number of ways to help clients deploy more content, quicker. This includes working through how our clients identify and leverage all of the great, free content that already exists online.

According to research by Towards Maturity, 88 percent of employees know what content they need but only 42 percent say that their companies provide it. Using informal content allows you to close this gap and consistently introduce new content, keeping engagement high.

In 2018, we introduced the Discover Tab, which applies the power of our in-house Curation Team and gives you and your users access to a growing catalog of free, curated learning paths across a variety of topics like leadership, communication, entrepreneurship, and tech.

Curated content and the Discover Tab have already made a big impact for a number of clients and in the spirit of celebrating a New year, here are the top 10 most popular paths in the Discover Tab in 2018.

Social Media Strategy in the Consumer Revolution
Be the Most Interesting Person in the Room
The Art of Stress-Free Productivity
Emotional Management: Stop Toxic Employees from Ruining Your Team
Cybersecurity 101
A Path to Positive Productivity
Boost your Negotiating Skills
Failing Well: Strategies to Achieve Success
Crafting a Customer Experience
The Learning Leader

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