Learners now have access to a new Notifications icon in the top right navigation and when a user clicks on the Notifications icon, a drop-down appears, full of exciting new notification cards. Notifications are automated alerts or reminders that learners receive throughout their learning journey on the Intellum platform. New Activity, Unfinished Path, Award Earned - there's a notification card for that! Did you know that admin can create their own notification cards and push them to their learners? Did you know that Admin also have the ability to turn on a personalized weekly digest email showcasing notifications (which includes an unsubscribe link)? This is the kind of stuff that really drives engagement.

Screen Shot 2018-12-21 at 8.00.58 AM.png

Even though we just released new Notifications in September, we have tracked the effectiveness of this approach by focusing on the “New Discover Content” notification card. Across our clients with this notification enabled we saw an immediate 113% increase in enrollments. WOOT!

Serving users with meaningful notifications is a key component of a successful engagement strategy. Delivering reminders and customized recommendations will help keep your users focused on their personal progress in your learning environment, and help you improve your stats around things like enrollments and completions.

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