The Plan page reflects our efforts to drive Student interaction through a more personalized learning plan. Plan functionality presents Students' activities in a structured, organized, and time-based interface. The Plan interface organizes Evaluation- and Assessment-based enrollments in the broader context of all the other content you are consuming, which results in a simplified browsing experience.

When you log into the system for the first time and access the Plan page, you will see a pop-up box notifying you of all the new items that have been added to your Plan, including how it was added and the date it occurred:


If your account doesn't have Evaluations and/or the Browse page turned on, then the message "Your Plan Is Empty" along with buttons to either take an Evaluation or Browse the catalog are presented, in order to generate activities viewable in Plan.

Plan Page

You can access the Plan Page via the icon in the left navigation menu:


The Plan page shows activity enrollments in a quarterly view, starting with the current quarter as well as up to the next two quarters. The page contains four main sources of content:

  1. Enrollments created as a result of an Evaluation
  2. Enrollments created from an Assessment result
  3. Admin/Manager-assigned activities (required or recommended)
  4. Self-elected activities you have intentionally added to your Plan

Any activity type, including event enrollments, can go on the Plan. However, Facilitators can find the events they are facilitating on the My Events page, accessed from the navigation menu.

If your Plan is blank or has 5 or less activities on it, icons display that link you to the Home, Browse, or Evaluation page to discover activities which can be added to your Plan:


Managing the Plan Page

Managers can view and manage the Plan page for their direct reports. They have a few additional edit options (see below). They can also add to their direct report’s Plan - if they do and the item is already on the Plan but with a different enrollment type and/or due date a confirmation message will display.


When an activity on the Plan is completed it’ll stay visible on the plan. Completion only includes Passed (blue checkmark) and Failed (red X) statuses. Equivalent completions will show with a gray checkmark, however they won’t be taken into account when determining if a past quarter is complete. Any quarter (past or present) that has an incomplete activity will stay visible on the Plan page. Once all activities in the quarter are complete AND the quarter is in the past it will no longer display on the Plan page, however users can show these past quarters via the Show History link at the top of the page.

Editing Your Plan

Clicking the Edit Plan link at the top right of the page allows Students and their Managers to move and/or remove activities from the Plan.


Activities can be moved by the double-line icon next to the left of activity name, and are removed by the "x" icon to the right of the activity name.


Finally, you can add any unlocked activity from the catalog to your plan (possible locked reasons: disclaimer needs to be accepted, no available seats, activity restricted to a particular group of Students, outstanding prerequisites, etc.). This is possible via the Add To Plan icon at the top of the Activity page.