Browse is the quickest way for learners to discover content in your Catalog. By pulling together the content included in your Catalog and letting your learners explore activities by topics, access a list of all learning activities, or review upcoming learning sessions - the Browse page is a simple, fast, and organized way for learners to find - and access - your learning content.

Browse pulls together all of the content you've chosen to share with your learners - for activities and sessions to be included in Browse, the include activity/session in catalog property must be enabled on each, respectively. Through Browse, your learners are able to find and access:

  • Activities you've included in your catalog - organized by topic
  • All Activities you've included in your catalog
  • All Upcoming Sessions you've included in your catalog

Browse pulls all of this content together for your learners based on your tagging of activities with topics and inclusion of activities - and sessions - in your learning catalog.

This article gives an overview of the learner experience navigating Browse and accessing included activities and sessions.

At the top of the page, clicking on the Topics button displays list of topics in alphabetical order, as well as a link to All Activities and Upcoming Sessions. If you use topics to organize your learning content, the default Browse page displays your topics to help your learners explore activities. If no topics are set up, the Browse page defaults to the All Activities list.



Clicking on a Topic with Subtopics will present a page with all the subtopics displayed. Note that in addition to a description, you can also set a Hero image for any Topic or Subtopic.

You can filter the results on the Topic page by duration, difficulty, those activities that earn an award, and scheduled activities. The dropdown at the top right will sort all activities displayed by relevance, name or most recently added to the catalog. Finally, you can follow a topic via the blue Follow button at the top right, which toggles to Following when selected.


The All Activities list lets you browse all of the activities shared with you, and made available in the catalog. The All Activities list features the following filters:

  • Duration: the estimated time it will take a learner to complete the activity
  • Difficulty: the estimated level of difficulty of the activity
  • Awards: activities that let learners earn an award
  • Live Events: upcoming live sessions


The Upcoming Sessions list helps you quickly access and enroll in upcoming live sessions that have been included in the catalog. Upcoming Sessions can be filtered by City and Time to narrow the list to sessions that work for you.