Positions are defined by unrestricted administrators and are assigned to users on their User Properties. Positions can be accessed by clicking on the Positions tab in the left navigation menu.


The Position List page displays all of the defined positions in the system, in alphabetical order.


At the top right of the page are two buttons: New Position and Active. You can toggle between viewing Active and Inactive positions via the Active dropdown.

Creating a New Position

To create a new position, click the New Position button. The New Position page displays with the following fields:


  • Name - enter the name of the position here
  • Active - check this box to make the position active and available in the system

When you are finished, click the Create button. You will be back on the Position List page where you will see the new position you created.

Editing a Position

Clicking on a position title will allow you to edit the Name or Active box in the same way as when you created a new position.

Clicking on a checkbox next to any position name displays three buttons at the top of the page; Edit, Delete, and Deactivate.


Clicking the Edit button allows you to edit the position as described above. Clicking the Delete button will display a confirmation pop-up asking if you are sure you want to delete the selected position - clicking Delete again confirms the deletion. Clicking the Deactivate button inactivates the position so that it cannot be selected for a user.

You can select multiple positions and Delete and Deactivate a group of positions at once, if desired.