Sometimes you find amazing learning resources, and sometimes those resources find you. Topic Following keeps your users engaged with the freshest learning resources in your Topics sections, while also taking Catalog personalization to the next level and putting the Intellum platform to work for your users.

The Intellum Platform can be set up to allow your users to follow (aka subscribe to) Topics in the platform, creating personalized rows of content on their Catalog Home page and automated Notifications when new content is added to a Topic. As a result, their experience always feels personal, fresh, and tailored to meet their needs. To enable Topic Following in your account, contact your Account Strategist.

Topic following is a feature that is developed for the learner, and only used by the learner. No admin intervention is necessary; simply enable the feature and continue adding fresh content to your Topics--Intellum will do the rest. This article dives into the user's experience, providing you with an overview of the feature.



With Topic Following enabled, every Topic in your Catalog features a toggle button within the individual Topic page (accessible from the Browse page) that allows a learner to follow or unfollow Topics. If no Hero Image exists for the Topic, the Follow/Unfollow button will be displayed at the top of the page, next to the Topic name:

topic follow.2018-12-21 16_26_00.gif


Followed Topic Rows bring the power of personalization to your Catalog Home page. You can add Followed Topic Rows to the Home Rows Layout of each Organization in your account to give learners easy access to content and activities added to the topics they follow.

topicrow500.2018-12-26 11_22_31.gif

When added, learners in an Organization will see a row on the home page for each topic they follow. At most, 10 followed topic rows are available -- randomized weekly.

Learn more about adding Followed Topic Rows to the Home Layout of your Organizations


You can rest assured your learners will be the first to know when new learning content is added to their followed topics because they'll be alerted in the Notifications center. With the Topic Following Notification card enabled, your learners will get a Notification when new activities are added to their favorite topics.



At the top of a learner's User Profile page, the number of Topics they follow is listed. Both public and private views of the profile display this feature. The private profile also allows learners to click the text, which activates a pop-up with labels displaying the Topics the learner is following.

topicprofile.2018-12-26 12_47_02.gif