We talk a lot about engagement at Intellum, and for good reason. User engagement provides the ultimate competitive advantage. Data from Gallup proves that the best way to keep users coming back, and engaged, is to consistently add new content. So we created the Open Asset approach, introduced curated content, and launched the Discover Tab to help you solve the “where-will-all-this-content-come-from” problem.

Notifications in the platform help you solve the “how-will-learners-know-to-come-back-to-all-this-cool-stuff” problem, or what we think of as “re-engagement.” Notifications and Announcements combine three very important concepts:

  • Automatic platform-driven, in-app Notifications that do not require any Admin intervention.
  • Custom in-app Announcements that empower the Admin to communicate directly with the learner.
  • An automatically generated, personalized weekly email that showcases Activity in the learning environment and reminds the user to return.

This article covers enabling Notifications, gives an overview of Notification types available in the platform, walks you through creating an Announcement, and shows you the Notifications experience from the user’s perspective.


If Notifications aren't enabled on your account, contact your Intellum Account Strategist to get started. You can choose from a list of predefined Notifications that are triggered when a learner enacts particular actions in the platform:

  • Upcoming Due Activities - an Activity is due within the next 7 days
  • Level Badge Notifications - a new Badge has been earned in Level
  • Path Almost Complete/Abandoned - a Path is 75% complete with no progress in the past 2 weeks (14 days)
  • Collection Almost Complete/Abandoned - a Collection is 75% complete with no progress in the past 2 weeks (14 days)
  • New Followed Topic Content - an Activity is added to a topic or subtopic the learner is following (within 7 days - a week)
  • Award Notifications - a learner earned an award from completing an Activity
  • Discover Tab Featured Content - the #1 featured path for the week from the Discover tab
  • Evaluation Notification for Learner - a Topic Expert or Manager has completed an evaluation of the learner
  • Evaluation Notification for Expert - a learner has completed an evaluation in the Expert's topic area

If you would like to implement a custom card featuring a trigger not defined above, please work with an Account Strategist to define the requirements of the card so we can add it to your account.


Learner_Notifications.2019-02-12 09_54_43.gif

When Notifications are enabled, learners will find their personalized Notifications in the top nav bar, right next to their profile picture.

A blue badge is displayed on the Notifications icon, showing each learner the number of unread Notifications they have. When clicked, the Notifications center will appear as a dropdown, with Notification cards listed in the order in chronological order according to the date in which they were created.


Unrestricted administrators can create ad-hoc Announcement cards containing text and/or a link. Announcements can be sent to an individual user or to multiple users you select from the User List. In fact -- just like an ad-hoc Letter -- Announcements can be created and sent from anywhere you find a list of users in the platform:

  • The User List
  • The Enrollments tab for an Assessment
  • The Participants tab for an Event



AnnouncementCreate.2019-02-12 10_06_39.gif

Select a User or Users from the list; a More drop-down menu will appear alongside other User options. Select Announcement from the drop-down menu.


Learner_Notifications.2019-02-12 10_16_34.gif

The Send Announcement window appears. Enter a subject line for your Announcement, add an optional URL for related content, and finish up by adding your message. Click Preview.

While previewing your Announcement, you will be able to see the subject line and the message you've entered in a preview Notification card. If you added a URL, you will also see any image that’s been pulled from that URL on the Announcement card.

If you need to make any edits, click the "Edit" button. Otherwise, click the "Send" button and this Announcement card will get sent to the Users you selected, appearing at the top of their Updates tray to be read:

When a learner clicks on an Announcement card that included a URL, a new window will open for the web content.