Intellum blends the artistry of an open-asset platform that encourages learner-driven discovery with the science of a powerful administrative back-end design to make sure the right learning gets to the right learners. Your learners level up by developing the skills they want, and they stay focused on developing the skills they need (classic win-win). One of the main ways we do this is by making it easy for both the user and the admin team to manage Enrollments.

An Enrollment is a record of user engagement with the Activities in your catalog. Enrollments are created when users access Activities through your catalog or by administrators on the backend. Activities can be set up as a one-time or recurring Enrollment.

In this article, we'll look at where Users can find and view Enrollments, the Enrollment Types in Exceed, creating Auto Enrollments, manually creating Enrollments, and managing User Enrollments.



Exceed makes it easy for learners to review and access their Activity Enrollments. A learner’s History displays all of the Activities a learner has enrolled in and interacted with; History can be searched, filtered, and the results printed, as needed. Plan keeps learners engaged with their enrollments by providing an organized timeline of learning Activities they’ve personally selected or been assigned. Custom rows can also be set up on the homepage to give users easy access to required and recommended activities.


Because Enrollments connect learners and Activities in Exceed, administrators can view and manage Enrollments in two places.

  1. To view and manage all Activity enrollments for an individual learner, simply access the learner’s user account.
  2. To view and manage user enrollments for an individual Activity, access the Activity record.


There are three Enrollment types for Activities in Exceed:

  • Elected enrollments are created when a user self-enrolls in Activities through your catalog or via an Activity Enrollment URL.
  • Recommended enrollments can be created when an administrator manually enrolls learners in Activities.
  • Required enrollments can be created manually by an administrator or automatically by creating an Auto Enrollment for an Activity.

As an administrator, you will often find the need to assign an Activity to users or specific groups of users. In the Intellum Platform, there are two ways these assignments, or enrollments, can be made: automatically and manually. Let's take a look at both auto and manual enrollment processes and see what each of their effects are.


Auto-Enrollments allow you to use one or more groups or the selection of the entire company to assign an Activity. Once implemented, all users that apply will be enrolled in the Activity that night when the enrollment job is run in the system. Then, moving forward, each new user who meets the criteria will be enrolled in the Activity. This is typically the preferred method of enrollment as there's no need to keep up with manually enrolling new users!

Auto-Enrollments can also help with recurring assignments such as Activities that are required at the same time every year, as well as Activities that are required at regular intervals, such as one year from the previous completion.

To create an auto-enrollment for an Activity:

A. Select the Activity for which you wish to create the auto-enrollment from the Activities List page (via the Activities tab in the navigation menu). Click the Properties tab at the top of the Activities page.

B. Scroll down to the Administration Properties section. The Auto Enrollment field contains a dropdown with three options: Do not auto enroll, Auto enroll entire company, and Auto enroll by group.

  • If you would like to automatically enroll every active user in the LMS, choose Auto enroll entire company.
  • If you have created groups that need to be auto-enrolled, choose Auto enroll by group. You will then be prompted to choose the necessary groups to enroll. You can add as many as you’d like.
  • Choosing either of the above options displays an additional set of defining properties.


1 - If you chose Auto enroll by group, you'll need to select one or more groups from the dropdown. Click the Add button for each group you want to add to this auto-enrollment.
2 - If you only want to auto-enroll learners hired after a certain date, enter it here. This is an optional field.
3 - You can choose whether this enrollment is recurring or not. One time requirement, of course, enrolls user(s) into this Activity once and only once. The field underneath requires you to select a Due within a certain number of days or Due on date for the day in which the enrollment will be due. Annual recurring requirement will re-enroll user(s) each year on the date specified in the Due each year on field (shown in the example above). Custom recurring requirement will re-enroll user(s) every X number of months--the field underneath changes to Require every X months when this option is selected.
4 - To enforce a due date for the initial enrollment, enter the number of days from enrollment in the field. This is an optional field.

Note: When a user completes a recurring requirement for the current period (annual or custom), they will be enrolled in the next training period’s requirement, and their due date will reflect this. For example, if a user has completed the training for the 2018-2019 period, they will automatically be enrolled in the training for the 2019-2020 period with a due date in 2020.

Click the Save Changes button when finished.

Special Notes on Auto-Enrollment timing

If auto-enrollments are created as described above, they will not be created for any group members until the overnight batch processing has occurred. This is also true for users created via an integration where group membership is defined.

If, however, a user's profile is updated via the user interface -- which changes their group membership, or is otherwise manually entered into a group (both of which are setup for Auto-Enrollments) -- they will be enrolled immediately:



An admin can manually enroll users directly into an Activity quickly and easily:

A. Select the Activity you wish to enroll users into from the Activities List page (via the Activities tab in the navigation menu).
B. From the Enrollments page, click the Enroll Users button at the top right of the page.


C. Search for and select the user(s) you wish to enroll into the Activity via the checkbox to the left of their name, then click the Enroll button.

D. The New Enrollment modal displays:


  • Due - enter a due date (optional)
  • Status - decide which status the enrolled users will have in the Activity. The choices are:
    • in-progress
    • passed (complete)
    • failed (complete)
    • no-show
    • incomplete
    • dropped
  • Type - choose either Recommended or Required
  • Required by - the admin's name defaults in this field, but it can be edited
  • Reason - enter optional text to explain the reason for the enrollment

Click the Save button when finished.


Back on the Activity's Enrollments page, when user(s) are selected via the checkboxes, the Edit, Show and Delete buttons at the top of the page can be used:

  • Edit - displays the Bulk Update modal, allowing you to bulk edit the following fields for the selected users:


* Due date - edit the due date for these users' enrollments.
* Status - change the enrollment status for these users' enrollments.
* Type - change the enrollment type for these users' enrollments.

  • Show - this toggle button can be used if only one user is selected. This will show a modal on the right side of the page with User Details, Enrollment Details, Attachments and Tasks associated with this enrollment. Admins may upload enrollment-specific attachments (files) and define a completed task via the New Task modal.


  • Delete - clicking this button displays a confirmation pop-up, asking if you want to permanently delete the enrollment(s) for the user(s) you selected.


If you have users who have been marked as inactive and they have in-progress enrollments, you can clear these enrollment records from your LMS account.
Contact Intellum Support ( who will create a support ticket. The Intellum Support team will execute this action for you and delete in-progress enrollments for inactive users in the Account.

Note: This action is not reversible! It may not be a good idea to do this if you have users who might come back as active users in the future.