The good news is that just based on the fact that you are reading this, you've found our Support Documentation. On our Experience site, we have the knowledge base documents to get you started with basic and intermediate functionality.

At Intellum, we approach support with a two tiered system. Our level one support rapidly addresses the majority of our client’s “help desk”-related needs. Each client is also assigned an account manager who addresses larger, more complex “level two” issues, providing a more consistent, personalized support experience for critical issues. Talk to your Account Strategist about getting access to submit tickets.

Within our Experience site, there are useful articles, videos, and tutorials that clients use daily to educate, troubleshoot or identify better ways to accomplish specific tasks or activities within the Intellum Platform. When we release updates to our products, we update our documentation and knowledge base as well. A number of our competitors are routinely dinged on poor support.

Intellum’s support team is comprised of full-time employees and our more consultative approach is apparent in the client support processes, where clients interact with Intellum team members who perform more like account managers than technical support.

In its recent LMS Trends Survey, research firm Brandon Hall Group released results of an Industry-wide LMS net promoter survey. The average NPS among learning professionals for their “primary or favorite LMS” was a minus-34. People really dislike the learning solutions they have in place and largely would not recommend those solutions to other professionals. A lack of innovation and poor support experiences seem to factor prominently.

We recently completed our NPS survey and Intellum’s ExceedLMS scored a (positive) 43. We attribute this drastically better score to our two main internal objectives - deliver consumer-like tools that are always improving and consistently exceed our clients' expectations when it comes to support.